Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Because I'm Feeling Lazy

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago. Hasn't seen the light of day yet.


Twelve lantern moons guard raven skies
and lead her blind through wild mustard,

tall grasses swathing hilly paths to Downer’s creek.
Drop silken ribbons to the dust, freeing hair—heart—

from ancient confines. Toes brush silver water,
transient upon lily pads, lotus buds for survival.

Life hung upon a tree, picked for mid-day snack.
One pair of dusty footprints beg for another’s reflection

in the shimmery wetness, another hand to hold—
falling into eyes brighter than her own.

She craves secrets pried shut like moss-gray magnolia buds,
held tight by another’s quiet lips, enchanting in their roughness,

untouchable, tempting in their hesitation.
The life they breathe, longing to topple wooden fences

in whirlwinds, tornado skies, dangerous lightning sparks.
Fall fast from the house of sanctity that keeps

everything a far off dream, a warning, a circumstance
to be avoided, that forbids the connecting of hands,

skin and bones in cahoots with the Maker of Saturn and Mars
and the star shaped freckle in the crook of her elbow.

She sees her own reflection and the stars glittering in the water’s depths
taunt more effectively than her mother’s wistful words.

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