Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pervert on the Lam

My friend and I were five minutes into our walk when a blue pickup truck pulled off to the side of the road on my left. I was talking so I barely had time to realize what was happening. A guy got out of the truck and said, "Hey check this out." All that registered in my mind in those three to five seconds was that he had blonde hair, why the heck is he talking to us, and "Oh my gosh, what is he doing with his belt?!"

We kept walking, ignoring him, and Heather got out her phone and recorded the blue truck's license plate. I'm glad she was with me because I would have been too confused to even think about getting the license plate, and the idiot guy in the truck drove away before I could get a closer look at it.

We were angry and partially in shock. This had never happened to us before. "It was all hanging out there," she said as she tried to remember the phone number for the police station. Luckily I hadn't seen. Perhaps I have my poor prescription glasses to thank for that. I'll tell you one thing. I am never walking that way again, and I am never going to walk by myself if I can help it.

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