Monday, April 18, 2011

Yoga, Ridiculous Easter Movies, and Attempts of a (sometimes) Fashionista

Today I wore an outfit where every article of clothing was a different color. (I've been trying to utilize more of my wardrobe lately). I wore a corduroy skirt which is a mauve-ish/purplish color, blue leggings, a mustard yellow shirt, and a green zip-up sweater. I realized I probably didn't match at all, but it was comfortable, and my sister, who is a fashionista and is always creating these unique, dazzling outfits, informed me that all the colors looked good together. But whether she said that or the very opposite, I would have worn it anyway. (Maybe).

It is a chilly, cloudy day and my little brother is angry that my parents are forcing him to go to soccer practice. I feel bad for him. He's my little buddy, and I'm always wanting to cheer him up or make him laugh, but now I have to be the grown up too and let my parents force him to soccer practice.

Last night, my entire family went to the movies. I didn't care what we saw, but Ben really wanted to watch Hop, which looked entirely ridiculous to me, but I knew that he definitely shouldn't watch Arthur (with Russell Brand) because, even though it looked hilarious, it probably wasn't appropriate for a 4 year old. So Ben and I ate popcorn and raisinets and watched Hop, which happened to have Russell Brand in it also, while my parents and sister went to Arthur. I cringed slightly at all the Easter stuff, like the candy factory and the bunnies and chickens, but it was entertaining and cute to say the least, mostly because the main character is the attractive guy who played the hero in 27 Dresses. In this movie, he's still cute with that endearing smile, and he is in his 20s, with no job and no ambition so his parents kick him out of the house, upon where he meets a disturbing little bunny named EB who has runaway from being the Easter bunny and who has Russell Brand's amazing voice.

I have to say, this movie had much better acting than a previous movie I've seen...which would be...I'm trying to think of it...Oh yes. Eat, Pray, Love. After reading the amazing book, I watched parts of the un-amazing movie. The acting was not very good and the dialogue was awkward, and some of the scenes seemed displaced, and I couldn't bare to watch it after having read the actual book, which was fabulous, and hilarious and life-changing altogether! So anyways, I thought the acting in Hop was much better than in Eat, Pray, Love.

In other news, I bought a yoga mat. A dark green yoga mat with a yellow-green design of a tall plant on it. I have decided to take up the practice of yoga in hopes to improve my flexibility and strengthen/heal my back, which has been doing much better by the way. (I herniated a disc in my lower back last summer, which took a long long time to recover). So we'll see how it goes. My flexibility is currently that of the creaky tin man in The Wizard of Oz. Any sort of bending is very close to impossible. When I do Downward Dog, I feel like I am closer to doing the Plank instead. The only comfort is the nice pretty lady on the DVD who keeps saying to do what my body is comfortable with.

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