Friday, September 2, 2011

This is My Hope

You know what I find amazing about God? He doesn't belong to any one religion. As much as we'd like to think so, we can't own Him. We create all these little puny boxes, and this one's labeled "Christianity" and that one's labeled "Jewish" and that one over there is "Muslim" and right here we've got an "unbeliever" in whatever sense of the word. But what a lot of people overlook is: God is in all the boxes. But most of all, He is outside the boxes too. And once you climb out of your particular tiny box you've been cooped up in all your life, you'll see that He's a lot bigger than you ever imagined. And you'll see that He doesn't care what's inside of your box, because whether you're outside or in, He is working there. But if you choose to stay inside that box, there is a good chance you'll never see the larger picture. You'll never experience freedom and a love that embraces all things. You'll never truly grow, because that box is cramping your roots. And you're roots are trying desperately to escape the walls you're enclosed in, and if you don't give your roots that freedom, parts of you will die. Your joy, your light, your soul. If you want to find God and free your soul, climb a mountain, deconstruct that box, float down every river you come to, take every path that calls your name. Because wherever you go, God is there. And wherever God is, there you are.

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