Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dark Angel Nights

Dark Angel. The story of a genetically engineered killing machine otherwise known as Max. Except she escaped from the training camp and is now fending for herself about ten years later in Seattle, the year 2020. The economy is in chaos, crime runs rampant and Max finds herself in cahoots, with Eyes Only, otherwise known as Logan Cale. His mission is to can the evil warlords, thieves, traffickers, and other miscellaneous to restore the country, or at least Seattle, to a safer environment. Max's mission: to find the other's like her.

I used to be hooked on this show back when it aired on television I don't know how long ago. This is how I’m spending my Saturday night, watching back to back episodes ordered from Netflix. Seems to be great fodder for snappy dialogue, funny, engaging, likeable, complicated characters, lots of action, and great plot points that utilize reincorporation to the pleasure of an audience such as me. Kudos to James Cameron.

Note to self: lay off Netflix until November, and my writing escapade, is over.

We’ll see how this works.

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