Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Shenanigans

I had quite an entertaining Halloween, and it more than made up for never having gone “trick or treating” when I was a kid. My parents went from showing no interest, discouraging us, telling it was Satan’s holiday to now (15 years or so later) letting my younger siblings take part. Perhaps it’s because I was home schooled until third grade that they never jumped on the Halloween band wagon. Anyway, my parents still preach about“Satan’s holiday,” but they let me and my teenage sister and brother take my four year old brother trick-or-treating.

Here is how our Sunday transpired:

We went to church, and then came home to fix lunch before my Dad went off to work. While that was happening, Dad was outside chopping wood to keep us warm this winter. My brother’s high school friend stopped by to talk to Isaac who was in the house. So naturally, this friend asked my Dad if he could talk to Isaac.

My Dad, who can be quite intimidating for no reason at all, said, “What about?”

“Trick-or-treating,” says Friend.

“We don’t do Halloween,” Dad says gruffly. “That’s devil worship.”

“Okay…” Friend drives off looking confused, and as my Dad said when he came inside, “Like he was going to cry.”

We all railed on Dad for making Isaac’s friend cry and for scaring everybody when ever they came to the house.

Later that day, 5:00 p.m. :

My sister and I are creating our costumes at the last minute. Abbie is a Russian princess, Anastasia style, and I, who originally planned to be a knight, decide to dress as a pirate instead. Isaac, the original one of the group, dons a beige trench coat and sticks a box on his head with eyes and a mouth cut out—Box Dude, I guess? Ben, who was going to wear his Dragon cape decides he wants to be like his brother, who helps him cut arm holes and a rectangular hole in the front out of a paper Save-A-Lot bag. I, for some strange reason, do not act like the adult and talk him back into the dragon cape. (I was busy being a pirate, I guess…)

While out trick-or-treating, everyone asks Ben what he is supposed to be. None of us had any idea. It was a last minute thing, we say. Thus, he is dubbed, “Last Minute Thing.”

Everyone kept asking Isaac what he was supposed to be. Box Boy? The Unknown Comic? And my personal favorite—the Masked Stripper.

No one made any sort of comment about my sister’s costume or mine.

Now, for some pictures as proof:


  1. How cool you got to go! So what did you think? Was trick or treating worth it? You guys were so creative with your costumes!

    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  2. Sorry--I just noticed you said it more than made up for not having to go when you were younger! So you answered my question before I asked it. I'm a little slow on the uptake after 9 pm. LOL! I apologize!

  3. Love the costumes! And the fact that you are getting to relive all those years you missed! ;-)

  4. How fun!!! The costume creativity rocked my world! I'm so glad that it made up for not going when you were younger!

    Love the pictures! I'm posting my costume and the party this week as well! Just a little behind :)

  5. No worries Jackee lol. Yes, it was a lot of fun, both the dressing up part and the watching my little brother part. :)