Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Do You Write?

I write with my eyes closed and my mind open.

When my eyes are open, all I see is the blank paper or the white Microsoft Word Document with only two sentences on it, and oh my gosh those sentences really suck. Hit backspace, Cross out with pen. Try again. Repeat previous scenario. Give up because it’s too depressing, and this idea is going nowhere.

But when my eyes are closed, I can’t see any of that. All I see is the story in my mind. The way my characters think, act, look, and why. And everything begins falling into place and before I know it, I have filled two pages, and there is this feeling of fun and play and creativity coursing through me.

I like to read the Writer magazine. The last page of each issue features a published author and the author’s answers to a list of usual questions.

“How do you write?” the interviewer asks.

With my eyes closed.

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  1. Hi Emily. I write with my eyes open, but not open to this world. I'm seeing the scenes of my book, not the world around me, like I've turned off the visual receptors and tuned in to something inside.... weird huh? (Trouble is I think I do this a lot of the time in day to day life too - and so am the least observant person!)

    (I came over here from the haunting, and this post caught my eye 8-D )