Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stupid sweepstakes (and other happier things)

Two days ago I awoke to an unavailable number ringing on my phone, and not being the brightest person first thing in the morning, I answered it. Resulting in a subscription to four magazines for the “price of $3.83 a week.”

Of course, there is always a catch…instead of paying for thirty-two months at a relatively low price, they tricked me. Without saying it in plain English, they bumped up the payments so that I would be done paying in sixteen months. Which turned out to be a whopping (for me) total of $49 a month.

Maybe that can be considered a good thing because the next day, reality bonked me on the head when I saw they had already debited my account for $49.81, which turned out to be a “pre-authorization fee.” Reality bonked me on the head again when I realized that I could not afford to pay hundreds of dollars for magazines that I did not really need, want, or even care about.

I canceled as soon as I could.

Lesson learned—do not answer Unavailable numbers, ever, especially when I’m practically still sleeping.

After describing a situation that made me incredibly nervous and incensed at my stupidity (Again, I’m not the brightest in the morning!), here are several things that make me incredibly happy!

This morning, my 4-year old brother was chomping on a carrot, and said, “I love the taste of carrots!”

And yesterday, I fixed him a bowl of broccoli, and…he ate it all!

Then last night, I enticed him into sharing my grapefruit with me, and….HE LIKED IT! He kept wanting more.

So, if you couldn’t tell by now, kids who like to eat vegetables and things like grapefruit make me very happy.

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