Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road Sign Affirmations

While driving home one day (usually an hour long drive), I became immersed in my thoughts of a novel that I’m planning. One of the main characters is a blind girl, and while I am set on the characters for the story, I have been having trouble deciding which direction I want the story to go in. There are two directions that I keep going back and forth between, and both have their desirable qualities. But each direction would change the themes and other characteristics of the story greatly. They wouldn’t be the same story at all. So I’ve been playing with both a little.

Anyway, before I blather on too long, here is the point of this anecdote. While driving, I passed through a small town that I have been through a hundred times. While daydreaming a scene in my head, I suddenly came to an epiphany about the blind girl and the direction that the story should follow. At that exact same moment, I saw a yellow diamond-shaped sign that said “Blind Person Area.” Now, I have driven through this town countless times, and I have never seen that sign before! I didn’t even know they made such signs. And to see it at the exact moment that I was thinking about a scene involving the blind girl and when I finally felt certain about what I wanted the story to do. What’s more, when I’m lost in my thoughts like that, I don’t usually notice random signs on the side of the road. Especially ones I’ve never seen before. Except this one didn’t seem so random….

Has anyone had similar experiences when they are in creative mode?

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  1. That's a cool story. Can't wait to hear more about your novel!