Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things I Want To Do (And Keep Doing)

Things I Want To Do (And Keep Doing)

Leave my curtains open.
Wear a big stylish hat.
Collect funky jewelry, and wear it.
Pierce my ears. Look for dangly dragonfly earrings.
Go to Patti Digh’s book tour for Creative Is A Verb in December.
Smile at strangers.
Write a novel.
Write a book of poetry. Dedicate it to my creative writing teacher who knew what I was capable of before I did.
Visit the state of Virginia. Perhaps stay there for a long while. :)
Make children smile.
Make adults smile.
Make myself smile.

Things I Have Finished/Done

Finally finished the giant collage I started last year. (I love it. Through images and words cut from magazines I pasted parallels between love and hate, war and peace onto a huge poster board. Finally I can hang it on my wall.)

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  1. i like you a ton already emily. just from this one post. please come to Virginia, I promise you will want to stay for awhile. :)