Monday, March 28, 2011

Perv Update!

Okay, here is a short note just to say: "He got caught!!!"

No, not just caught flashing his winky (which I am happy to say my distracted mind did not glimpse.) See my brief account of the disturbing encounter.

The license plate my friend and I turned into the police department was indeed correct. That night, at around 10 pm, the cops pulled his truck over when he was just getting off work. They arrested him, and it turned out that he confessed. He had been scared all day. Apparently, as he had leaped into his truck and sped off, he had heard my friend and I say something about his license plate as we whipped out our phones. No sir, we are not the naive 16 year olds we may look like. We are in our twenties, too old for your 19-year old self.

I am glad that we were able to put some fear into him. Things like that just should not happen when I am trying to take a walk on a lovely March day.


  1. Oh god! I'm so glad that guy got caught. I had something similar happen when I was in high school. So creepy.

  2. I definitely try to be more alert when I go on walks. I keep wondering what possessed him to do that in the first place.